Weekly schedule


Print out both pages and laminate. Put on a wall/notice board, ideally beside the daily visual schedule if using one. 

Add 3, max 4 pieces of hard velcro to each day. 

At the beginning of the week put all the LARGE activities that you know are happening that week e.g. school/ no school, any therapy appointments, extra curricular activities or social outings/visits. 

I generally use this calendar in addition to a daily visual schedule and would rarely introduce it until a learner first understands the concept of the daily one. 

The weekly schedule is helpful to: 

  • Prepare children for what is coming up in the week
  • Helps teach the concept of days of the week and weekends 
  • Supports children in understanding school holidays or holidays to hotels/abroad 
  • Provides a visual countdown to something exciting that it is difficult to wait for

Common Phrases

Here are some common phrases that you can use to start to expand your child’s expressive language from one word into sentences, or add in some variety e.g. if your child is just using ‘I want’

Print the pages and cut out the phrases and laminate them.

I find it handy to either put them up near where they will be used e.g. ‘Can I have’ near the snack press, ‘I need’ near the drink press. I often have ‘I don’t know’ stuck near where we do table top.

Alternatively you could make them into a keyring and use them as needed.

It is always much easier to fade out a visual prompt than a vocal prompt.


Start by holding the prompt up & pointing to each word/picture and giving an echoic prompt.

When your child can copy the echoic prompt move to just saying the start of the word.

Then move to just pointing but saying nothing.

Then just holding up the phrase.

Then just pointing to the phrase on the wall.

Then the phrase should start to come naturally to your child.

I hope this helps or gives you some ideas.

Token Board x 5 yay!

Here is a very simple but handy token board for you to print.

Print two copies.

Laminate one full page and add hard velcro to the 5 yay squares and the empty square.

Cut up the yay squares on the other copy. Laminate them and then cut them again. Then add soft velcro.

Tip: Always cut out tokens or pecs before laminating them as they will not last if they do not have a sealed edge.

I have an IGTV video on my Instagram explaining how to get started using a token economy.

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