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Visual Schedules – Are they worth it?

For most of the kiddos that walk through my door, I will recommend a visual schedule for them, if one is not in place already. Most of us whether we have additional needs or not, like to know what is happening in our day, week, month, year or even for some of us planners what […]

I want my child to talk!

The title of this blog is often a much requested & painful statement that I hear from many of the parents that I meet. Hearing a child say their first words or sentences is something that I feel incredibly blessed to witness. However, I am just as excited when I see a child use a […]

Errorless Learning

Errorless Learning is an essential tool in your teaching toolbox. If the task is too hard or takes too long, your child may disengage very quickly. As a result we can often see some inappropriate or challenging behaviours emerge as your child tries to avoid or escape from the aversive task. Instead start with ‘work’ […]

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